Westlab Epsom Salt (1Kg)


Product features

  • Helps relax tired and aching muscles
  • Flushes away toxins
  • Improves general health

The perfect way to relax tired and aching muscles.

Westlab Epsom salts are made of pure magnesium sulphate. This amazing salt is naturally efficient at removing toxins from the body by encouraging your muscles to relax, thereby accelerating your body's natural healing process. This salt helps to reduce soreness and increase your body's magnesium and sulphate levels.

Westlab Epsom salt is a tried and tested mineral which has been used for hundreds of years to help relax your body after exercise and reduce the fluid retention in your joints. Magnesium aids muscle control, energy production and works to regulate the activity of more than 300 enzymes in the body.

Features of Westlab Epsom salt 1kg

  • Perfect for use after sports or exercise
  • Soothes and detoxifies
  • Increases your body's magnesium and sulphate levels
  • Reduces soreness in muscles and joints
  • Accelerates your body's healing process


  • 1kg

Warnings and cautions

  • Seek advice of a healthcare professional before use if you have a medical condition, are taking any medications, pregnant, breastfeeding or have very sensitive skin
  • Do not use on broken skin
  • Avoid contact with eyes
  • If irritation occurs, rinse with water and if it persists, seek medical attention
  • Keep out of reach of children

How to use

  • Dissolve salts in a bath of 37-39°C.
  • Relax and soak for 20 minutes.
  • To relax tired and aching muscles use 500g-1kg.
  • For general skin health and wellbeing add 100g-250g to your normal bath.


Magnesium Sulphate.

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