Vitry Beard Brush & Oil Set

  • Drop a few drops of oil in the palm of your hand using the pipette tip of your Vitry Beard care oil bottle
  • Then pass the brush over your beard, taking care to distribute the oil well in front and behind the beard
  • Heat the oil in your hands then spread over your entire beard
  • Hydra Mousse forms a protective and imperceptible film which isolates the skin from irritations while allowing it to continue to breathe

Care oil and beard brush set this set contains: a beard care oil: formulated from 10 vegetable oils and 3 plant extracts, this Vitry care oil nourishes and hydrates your beard sustainably. It soothes itching sensations and makes your beard softer. It dries quickly and does not leave a greasy finish. A beard brush: ideal for disciplining your beard, this Vitry Beard brush will allow you to smooth your beard and restore its shine by ridding it of small everyday residues.

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