Otovent Fly (3)

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Otovent Fly is a medical device designed to help combat ear discomfort or pain when flying.

Benefits of using Otovent Fly:

  • Opens the eustachian tube allowing middle ear pressure to be equalised.
  • Helps alleviate pain in ears when flying.
  • A natural and non-surgical treatment supported by clinical evidence.
  • Compact and convenient to transport.
  • A fast-acting solution.

Otovent Pack contents:

1 x Nose Piece.
3 x Otovent Balloons.
1 x Carry Case.

Otovent Fly is recommended for the treatment of ears clogged by flight.* Suffering from ear pain when flying can be very distressing, especially on long-haul flights. Ears hurt when flying due to the cabin air pressure changes causing negative ear pressure on planes. Otovent Fly works to alleviate this uncomfortable sensation by equalising the pressure.

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