La Roche Toleriane Ultra Fluid (40ml)



609145 01
Aqua / Water
Dipropylene Glycol
Sodium Hydroxide
Caprylyl Glycol
(Code FIL: B28530/1)
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No parabens and fragrance
100% hypoallergenic skincare
High concentration of selected ingredients and enriched with Thermal Spring Water
Minimal ingredients and fragrance

Who Is This For

Specifically formulated for sensitive skin, and proven to work on even the most hyper-sensitive, allergy-prone skin.


Toleriane Ultra Fluid is specifically designed for sensitive, reactive skin that is normal to oily. It is clinically proven to make skin less sensitive day after day, and immediately soothes and hydrates skin for intense, long-lasting relief.
Enriched with neurosensine, glycerin, starch and Thermal Spring Water, Toleriane is the first skincare range to be given the Seal of Approval by Allergy UK.


Skin is immediately soothed and hydrated.
Skin becomes less sensitive day after day with regular use.

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