Gillette Venus Snap Extra Smooth Shaver


What is the Gillette Venus Snap Razor?

The Gillette Venus Snap Razor is the first ever portable razor from Gillette. This razor is designed to be used wherever you are and ideal for those who have an active lifestyle. This razor features the 5-blade Embrace technology from Gillette Venus, which allows for a close shave anywhere and at any time. This razor is compatible with any of the Embrace 5-blade refills.

How long does hair on the leg take to grow back?

When leg hairs are shaved, the rate at which the hair regrows varies between person to person.  For the hair to grow fully, it can take between 3 weeks to a month. Unlike what many believe, shaving does not make the hair grow back thicker or darker. The follicles that are the living part of the hair live deep under the skin.

Who is this Gillette Venus Razor suitable for?

This Gillette Venus razor is suitable to be used by those who want a close shave but also want a compact razor that can be taken anywhere. It should not be used by anyone who suffers irritation when shaving. If you do suffer from irritation when shaving, speak to a doctor or Knightsbridge Pharmacy.

How should Gillette Venus Snap Razor be used?

This razor can be used whenever you feel like you need to. To use this razor, simply wet the razor and shave the legs to remove any unwanted hairs. The small handle means it will fit into any bag or purse easily. For an extra smooth shave, apply a gel to the legs before using, as wet hairs are easier to remove.

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