Gillette Venus Razor Cartridge (4)


What are Gillette Venus Razor Blades?

Gillette Venus Razor Blades are refills for that fit any Venus handle (excluding Simply Venus) and feature three curve-hugging blades for a close, clean shave in just one stroke.

How do the Gillette Venus Razor Blades work?

Gillette Venus Razor Blades have a Lubrastrip that help to glide the razor over your skin to prevent irritation. Each refill contains 3 blades that are encased by protective cushions, that smooth out skin for a close shave. Gillette Venus Razor Blades feature a blue indicator strip that fades away to let you know when to replace your cartridge. The pivoting, rounded head hugs curves and fits easily into hard-to-shave areas.

Tips for a smoother shave.

Although Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Razor Blades provide a luxurious shave with long-lasting results, there are steps you can take to get even more out of your shave:


Removing dead skin cells by exfoliating before you shave, can stop your razor from becoming clogged for a closer shave.

Avoid dull blades

Change your blade every 5 to 10 shaves, depending on how often you shave.

Never dry shave

Not wetting your skin before shaving can cause cuts and razor burn. Wetting the skin with warm water can ensure a closer shave as the hair follicles are softened for easier removal.

Shave against the direction of hair

For leg hair, start at your ankle and shave upwards. For underarms, the hair can grow in all directions so it’s important to shave at from a few different angles to ensure all hair is removed.

Rinse your razor

After a few strokes, razors can become clogged with hair, skin and other debris. Rinse with clean warm water every few strokes to ensure a close shave.


Store your razor in a clean dry place to prevent bacterial and fungal infections.

Dry off and moisturise

After drying off, use a moisturising lotion to hydrate your skin. Moisturising will help prevent little red bumps that can appear after shaving.

How to use Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Razor Blades.

Shaving foam is not required when using Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Razor Blades. Simply wet the razor before use and the shave gel bars ensure a smooth glide for a close shave without irritation.

How to use Gillette Venus Razor Blades.

Click the Gillette Venus Razor Blade Cartridge into the Gillette Venus Handle. Apply your favourite shaving gel and shave according to the direction of your hair growth.

When NOT to use Gillette Venus Razor Blades.

Do NOT use Gillette Venus Razor Blades if you are allergic to any of the listed ingredients used in the Lubrastrip (see ingredients tab for full list). Gillette Venus Razor blades are for external use only.

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