Gillette Blue II Disposable Shavers (5)


Gillette Blue II men's Disposable Razor 5 pack Gillette Blue II disposable razors are an easy-to-use razor that offers a great shaving experience. With a twin-blade head, The blue II razor is a razor that will give anyone a comfortable shave. The blue II has a lightweight plastic handle that will make shaving easy. The Gillette Mach3 and Sensor3 both offer an extra blade over the blue II which does mean that they will offer a closer shave. The advantage the blue II has is cost. Per razor, the blue II will offer more shaves for the money and is the ideal choice for those who want a fuss-free shave that is great value for money. The blue II razor is a razor that is quick and easy to use. Prime the face for shaving with hot water, in order to open up the pores for making the hairs easier to cut, and then apply a foam or gel to protect the skin whilst shaving. After shaving, apply a post-shave balm in order to ensure that the face stays free from redness and irritation. Each blue II razor will last for up to 10 shaves. This will vary depending on how often you shave and also how much hair you shave. You will know when to change razor because the razor will start pulling on the hairs when shaving. You may also start to experience razor burn or cutting on the face.

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