Fortuna Point Tweezers

  • Easy Pick / Strong
  • Fine hand-tool
  • Hand Crafted
  • Use for hair pluck
  • Use for grooming

At Fortuna we have succeeded in creating a precision range of high quality manicure and beauty products. We have endeavoured to develop a dynamic and modern range of implements that will appeal to all.

Tweezers make use of two third-class levers connected at one fixed end (the fulcrum point of each lever), with the pincers at the others. People commonly use tweezers mainly for tasks such as for plucking hair from the face or eyebrows, often using the term eyebrow tweezers.

Tweezers are the classic Tweezers used for grooming and plucking the stray hair from the face and beard. The flat tip helps in easy handling of the tweezers for removing the stray hair on the face. Tweezers are manufactured with great care to ensure that perfect grinding and polishing which ensures no breakage of the hair. The hair is easily pulled out from the roots, without any fear of pain.

About Fortuna Healthcare

Fortuna Healthcare is one of the United Kingdom's leading distributors of healthcare lines to the independent pharmacy market supplying a wide range of products that encompasses everything from orthopaedic supports to daily living aids for the elderly and disabled.


Stainless Steel

Suggested Use

The tweezers easily last for 1-2 years, provided you do not let the tweezers fall!
After using the tweezers, make sure to use a cotton swab to remove the hair stuck to the tip. This will ensure greater durability of the tip and is required to maintain your hygiene.

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