Digestive Health

We all know it is very important to stay fit and keep a balanced diet. Our digestive health service allows patients to get Prescription Only Medicines without having to consult a doctor. Many people, especially individuals who live in the city, occupy hectic schedules which can sometimes cause them to develop stomach upset for example, acid reflux. With our private service patients can get tailored-made treatment with the help of commonly prescribed drugs such as Lansoprazole to help with their symptoms over a course.

Who: 18+, Pregnant women and patients with other health conditions are subject to evaluation.


●    Rabeprazole sodium Gastro-resistant Tablets (10 mg)
●    Esomeprazole Gastro-resistant Tablets or Capsules (20 mg)
●    Lansoprazole Gastro-resistant Tablets or Capsules (15 mg or 30 mg)