COVID-19 Government Approved Testing 

Which tests are legally required when travelling?

In addition to the Fit To Fly testing (before travelling) that has become standard practice in the last year, the government has put in requirements for two additional tests to be carried during the 10 day quarantine. These tests need to be booked before returning to the U.K and must be taken on days 2 and days 8 of your quarantine. Your day of arrival is counted as day 0. These tests must be done at home and are only a legal requirement for those aged 5 years and above.

Which test allows the quarantine period to be cut short?

If you would like to finish quarantine early then you are able to take a third PCR test on day 5 of your quarantine period. This test can be done at home or in the pharmacy, with a pre-booked appointment. This test can only be done if you have not come from a country on the U.K red list travel ban.

How do you return your test when doing the test at home?

When you return to the U.K you will find your tests at home waiting for you. Once you have done your test, give us a call so that we can arrange for one of our couriers to get your test straight to the lab! We are providing our service in London only and all pickups need to be requested by 4pm in order to prevent a delay in receiving your result.

How quickly will you receive your results?

Our same day service will provide you with results as soon as 4 hours after collecting your test. Our next day service will provide results the following day.

How can you book?

Simply give us a call or an email, as listed above and let us know which testing package you may need (Days 2 & 8, Test to Release and Fit to Fly). We will send you a booking form and payment link after which we will provide you with a booking confirmation and we will have our test kits sent out to you.

What information will you need for your passenger locator form?

Once you have booked, our booking confirmation will provide you with a unique reference number. You will need this to fill out your passenger locator form, which must be submitted online 48 hours before your arrival to the U.K.